Snow mountain and ladder

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Snow mountain and ladder

Post by Fran on Sun May 08, 2011 7:47 pm

Would anyone be so kind to help interprete this dream, please?

I had moved to another state with a distant relative (wasn't clear who). This couple had kids and some other adult friends there. I was desperate to find a job and got offered one. On my first day, I had no transportation as I had just moved and had no car in this town where you must drive. Next, I was riding in the back seat of a car with this man driving and his wife beside him. A few minutes into the journey, he suddenly begins to tell me about a Presidential candidate with millions to give away in and I should apply for a grant for a cause, then he drops me off by the road side in the middle of nowhere.
Still desperate to get to this new job, I find myself stuck holding on to the railings of this really high motel-like building contemplating negotiating how to get down. It had snowed and white snow had blocked everywhere. The snow was high as Everest mountain (it seemed) and covered the buildings too. The only way down was by sliding down the mountain of snow but because you could not control it some people landed on the ground while others were sliding right into holes covered by snow, and buried alive. At the bottom, there were 3 women encouraging me and trying to guide me to land on ground. Just then I looked to my left and there was a tall ladder all the way the the ground and the women helped me get to the ladder and down.

I never made it to the job but took off my shoes and walked on the road back to the house. When I reached home, the kids had littered the place with toys, I had them clean up and woke up.

Please anyone, this has so much going on, it's a mystery. I have been actively searching for work for two years and plan to relocate for a new beginning in about a month and a half with three states in mind, MD (my sister lives there), TX (A distant relative and another family friend live there - women too). I don't know if this helps.
Thank you so much!

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