A Stream/Grass/Snakes/TallTrees/Sunshine/Fence

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A Stream/Grass/Snakes/TallTrees/Sunshine/Fence

Post by Macleod on Sun May 08, 2011 6:39 am

This morning I dreamt....
I was standing at a stream which was lined with trees. I was then on the other side on a small grassed bank. Took a step up onto flat grassed ground and everywhere were these black snakes, all sizes. This felt like a nature park, maybe even a place where you could camp. It was beautiful. The grass was a rich green, the trees were standing tall with sunlight shining brightly through the trees onto the grass. There were sunny patches as well as shaded, but snakes everywhere and they were so agitated, constantly pulling back and attacking. I started jumping through the snakes, from one leg onto the other but as though I had spring stilts on. These snakes were going crazy. I wondered what was making them so angry, I didn't think it was me, but wondered if it was the heat or the sunlight. As I was jumping through them towards a clearing where this park was fenced off and had 2 big gates, I noticed my youngest son was there, also jumping between the snakes towards this clearing. We were nearly there when my son slowed down and calmly said "oh no". He had a small (couldn't really see it) snake bite on his arm. We had reached the clearing, knew that there was no way we could even try to get back to my husband (who I hadn't seen or thought of up until this point) and didn't want to call him over through the snakes but without seeing any of this I knew there was a park ranger and a woman who would help. Again without me seeing but knowing (it was all so quick in my mind) the park ranger reluctantly helped with the snake bite, but with me having to push him to do so.
The dream changed and I was in a room on my knees picking up these tiny (worm sized) snakes and a dead spider and throwing them into a rubbish bag. There was a lizard (big) in the room. I wasn't sure of it but was on my guard. The next minute it starts puffing up ready to attack me. I thought, no way am I going to constantly be worried that this thing is going to attack me, so I took the fork, which I out of nowhere, had in my hand and pressed into it's back but didn't pierce the hard skin because I didn't really want to hurt it. It curled back and I knew I just had to kill it so started stabbing it in the chest trying to stab the heart but it just didn't seem to have one and the area where the heart was really hard, impenetrable, so carried on stabbing looking for a vulnerable area. There between the wounds I saw it's lungs (round like a ball) so stabbed the fork right into the lungs and as I did this, the air from the lungs blew onto me.

And that was it but can't get this dream out of my mind?

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