Red Broken Scissors in Hotel that has Hospital Patients

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Red Broken Scissors in Hotel that has Hospital Patients

Post by v3ryan on Sat May 07, 2011 10:33 am

I had a dream that my family and I went to Toronto for a vacation. (IRL we visited there for a vacation before) I remember we had very little money, and we were only staying for a few days. Anyway, I wanted to get out and tour the city, or do something, and then a hotel maid comes in and gives scissors with red handles to my mom, who apparently left them the last time we stayed in Toronto, (broken scissors, they were kind of spit apart). Anyways, later on my friend Sam who IRL lived in residence with me, but moved out, suddenly dropped by in our hotel room. He soon left and my mom suggested we both go out to the movies since I wanted to do something. So I go out into the hallway. It's almost a maze in the halls, and Sam was nowhere to be seen, even though he left the hotel room no more than what seems to be ten seconds, but I did see hospital patients in the hallway, one guy on an IV drip of some sort.

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