My 9 Year Old's Dream of War

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My 9 Year Old's Dream of War

Post by afterhisheart on Tue Nov 11, 2008 3:00 pm

My son had this dream last night and he wanted to make sure to tell me and he wanted me to write it down. I think it represents the Spiritual Battle taking place around us. Our family especially is under much attack it seems lately. Please read and pray for us. Please tell me your thoughts on this. I know it is long. Thank you in advance.
I was on dirt piles. Below the piles were playground equipment (like the equipment was holding up the dirt piles). I was trying to cross all of the piles without falling. Some of the equipment was spinning below. I waved to my dad on the other side. He was sitting on the top of a very high dirt pile. I slid down a slope of the dirt pile and I landed on my feet but I should have died because it was a "dead-man's fall." I grabbed a spinning ladder and started spinning. I got off and started walking in the middle fo a war.

I found a mother and her son and they thought the war was "virtual." But really it was real. Superman and this guy in a white costume with gold stripes and gold flags and a huge, buff chin (like a Sergeant's chin with a dimple) were there. Superman was on a bridge and the white guy was flying around.

Me, the mom and son, walked up to these agent guys and they tried to kill us. They were firing lasers at everyone because it was a war. We grabbed big laser guns behind us but they didn't work. Since there was a kid with us, they stopped firing. Then the mom and son got inside these two doors. They waited for me inside and I pointed my arm at the agents and pushed on my arm like there was a button there and I said, "Boom!" Nothing shot out, but they all fell over dead.

Then I went inside and there were millions of doors in this big room and behind every door there were 3 or 4 more doors. Some doors were bathrooms with 3 to 4 doors in them. We went in 2 rooms that were bathrooms.

We were looking for a room that had a yellow rock and a stick out the side of it with a shape of an eagle's head on the end with the beak pointing up. The yellow rock had the hobo sign of "danger" on it.

We found the room with this rock in front of it and went inside. The agents found us. We shut the doors and found a little box of mini baseball bats. As they came in, we hit them with bates and made them lose counsciousness. It was the wrong room.

But then we found the right room because the floor was wobbling up, down, and around and we rolled into the right room. We went inside and there were 3 bungee things. One for each of us. We were tangled up and we got untangled and into launching formation and then I woke up.
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