Snakes and Numbers

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Snakes and Numbers

Post by cypher9 on Tue Nov 11, 2008 2:59 pm

My wife and I were in a museum that also have some animal exhibits. During this time I was very excited about the reopening of the Califonia Academy of Sciences ( which is exactly that, museum of still animal exhibits, aquarium, planetarium , etc.

In this dream, the timing seemed to be during the closing hour, most people are gone, some lights are turned off but still a few sporadic patrons like us are still looking around. My wife and I were looking at a still-life bird exhibit when i wondered off to check out something on the other side. Then I saw the hind part of an albino aligator (which is a main attraction at the real academy of sciences). I walked to it but later changed my mind, remembering of my fear of crocs and aligators. When I turned around my wife was right behind me and we decided to leave but found ourselves suddenly in a corner and 12 snakes were approaching us. They looked like actual rattlesnakes but did not see the rattles. They were evenly spaced out, 6 to the left and 6 to the right, coming in at 45 degree angles on both sides.We felt cornered, literally. Then I decided that we had to make a move before they come too close and I decided to go towards my left, leading my wife by the hand (my wife has a great phobia of snakes, in real life). I am very inclined to my left though not left-handed. I wear my left shoe first, walk with left foot forward first, etc. As we walked and make our way through the 6 snakes on the left, they just worked around our foot steps and continued on their direction. It looked like they were not coming for us after all but were only going towards our direction for something else...we were both relieved and told this story to another friend who was still looking at the first exhibit and as she is in real life, was easily excited and had quite a reaction to the story when we told her...The still-life bird exhibit now has live birds inside and there was a dog (Maltese or Shi-Tzu type) in the same exhibit, performing circus tricks, along with some parrots doing circus tricks as well...and the dream ended.

God Bless

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