The Aunt and the Bully

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The Aunt and the Bully

Post by unknownwriter on Thu May 05, 2011 5:54 am

So I had this strange dream last night and it seemed vivid enough for me to post on here, so here it goes:

I canít remember exactly where it begins, but I know at some point Iím at home and we are in the middle of having a family party. A certain aunt of mine, whom I hardly ever see in real life, asks me how I got saved. I tell her because I saw my friend get supernaturally healed and she then begins trying to debate with me on the credibility of the Bible.

Now interestingly enough, when she first asks me this question about being saved, she was sitting right next to me at the dining room table. But somehow, when I was telling her about what provoked me to seek God, she was all of the sudden sitting across the table at the other end. Then somehow after that, we are in the tv room sitting across from each other with some other family members and friends, and she is throwing scriptures at me out of context and telling me how religion is stupid. Then she proceeds to tell me how she has inner peace WITHOUT God. On the floor next to my aunt is an unknown woman who was supposed to be a friend of her's. She agrees with my aunt, and say, ďThatís right, she's absolutely right.Ē

Feeling triumphant, my aunt then leaves the scene and I remember turning to my mom and saying in a very calm/casual manner, ďYeah, but, that doesnít disprove Godís existence.Ē

Then the scene jumps to a part of the dream I canít remember exactly. I know there was an incident with an unknown bully and his goons, but I canít remember exactly what happened. I DO remember the scene after though, where Iím sitting in my room with my ex girlfriend and sheís telling me the unknown bully has announced he will be coming after me the following morning when I am home alone.

I remember thinking in the dream, ďOh, I will just call the police.Ē; yet then I remember feeling very, very scared, and asking my ex if I can come over her house instead. She says I can, but she has to check with her mom first since her grandmother from Puerto Rico will be staying with them for the week so she was to check to be sure.

And thatís my dream. Can anyone interpret this, if it even means anything at all?

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