Constant dreams of turbulant water and tornados

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Constant dreams of turbulant water and tornados

Post by Yagz on Thu May 05, 2011 4:17 am

I dream the same dream over and over again. I am always scared and trying to protect the people around me, mostly family and friends. The setting can be of an ocean or river any body of water but, it is always turbulent. The tornados are always black and gray and very large. Normally there is a house that I try to get everyone in for protection. Maybe I am just emotional and the dream represents my life in general. Always trying to save someone from pain, heck I dont know:) If anyone has insight, your response would be appreciated. Yagz

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Re: Constant dreams of turbulant water and tornados

Post by MaMaZ on Sun Jun 26, 2011 3:50 pm

Blessings be with you in the name of Jesus, may the peace of God and the infilling of the Holy Spirit fill you with spiritual understanding. Hi Yagz, I believe there are problems that you hold and without surrendering all unto God these problems will overflow, or even at times consume you. Godís word is truth no matter the problem even something small confessing these burdens and releasing them into the hands of our savior is the greatest relief one could ever find.

For example letís say you were sick and you prayed in the name of Jesus for healing, but, the next day you woke up and the symptoms were still visible, what do you believe? Naturally most people assume "Hold on I prayed and yet im not healed?" Iím still sick? nothing has changed? Or if it were a problem when you lifted it, this problem was still visible. But friend the truth is simply doubt/sin has caused the anointing of God to stop flowing in, because we look at the symptoms/storm we take our eyes off our healer Jesus. We unknowingly rebuke him from our presence because we looked for a sign and cause there was none we doubted/sin. This is sad but very true, yet he loves us and when we cry out he hears us, and the loving father that God is he blesses us and creates in us a new life a new love.

These dreams I believe are given to us to wake us up and remind us to take our eyes off the storms/problems in the world, Look toward the kingdom of God, turn your eyes upon Jesus for he gives life to our aching bones and weary minds. He gives life to situations and circumstances that keep us depressed, stressed, trapped, indebted, no emotional or physical tie of this world can keep us down. We have a savior, who regardless of the situation through repentance he has given us escapes for all eternity. Within his loving presence our burdens he has taking upon himself so we receive his loving peace in our lives. My hope is that you surrender you burdens unto God, cast your burdens unto Jesus for he cares for you, he loves you and I pray he bless you abundantly with all that your heart desires. Blessed peace be with you, Amen

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