Another end times dream: 911!!!

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Another end times dream: 911!!!

Post by Boscoe Jenkins on Tue Nov 11, 2008 12:09 pm

This dream is really long....please bare with me flower

I was standing in my friend's kitchen & talking to some people when my friend cheryl walked by she was talking to her boyfriend about something... I was with my mother & I asked cheryl if she wanted to go to the movies with me & my mother she said yes...we had to wait for her to get off work but we did'nt end up going to the dream shifted & i was standing at a street light watching the people in their cars, & listening to their music lol I noticed the people were so caught up in their own lives that they were'nt aware of the things going on around them..A friend of mine named Robby came up to me along with this woman & we were all talking about the lord there was someone walking ahead of us, & i told him to get his life in order because Jesus was on his way. the man said ok & kept walking....i felt like he did'nt believe me but God to me, "Keep telling them. Dont give up." The dream shifted again & my mother, me, & a mass of people were in this big church. I thought it was a catholic church except it had no windows only in the bathroom... It was windy outside & the clouds were swirling around the sky it looked like a storm was coming that's when i knew that Jesus was on his way...there was so much evil surrounding me the safest place to was the church. I was doing my hair & I started having all these negative thoughts that i was'nt going to make it to heaven...I told my mom she looked at me & told me to rebuke it. I started rebuking & I was looking at a window when I heard a voice say that my mother was waiting for me in heaven(my birth mother) I went to the window & opend it. It was so dark outside you could'nt see anything. Then there was ths big earthquake but nothing was damaged. I went back outside & it was snowing & everything was freezing I looked out toward the clouds & I could see Jesus coming down out of the clouds He was a GIANT!!! He was wearing a white & gold robe he was wearing brown sandals & we could'nt see his face, his feet, & hands because those parts were just light. There was a woman in our church who died something fell on her. for some reason it was belle from beauty & the beast. She was holding a silver mirror & she woke up she got up & said that she was glad to see everyone again, & then this wave of sadness came over her face. she said something about jesus & then started speaking in a different language. The people in the church started screaming & were afraid but my mother & I were not afraid. Then Jesus stepped into the pulpit & started talking but I could'nt understand what he was saying either. The next thing I knew I was standing outside of my house & to my right in the distance I seen lightning & the people in that area were screaming. my mom came outside & I started being pulled off the ground. I got scared & I went back to the ground. I started praying for strength in my faith & I was lifted off the ground again. I noticed my mom was'nt coming up with me I grabbed her hand but she told me to let her go....I did'nt want to I was screaming, & crying she told me to ley her go & that she would be ok so I let her go....God told me, "You will see her later." & i was pulled up into the clouds. There were people standing in a line wearing white robes & Jesus was sleeping for some reason. There was a woman said something wrong & she fell back to the earth. I looked back & jesus was gone...I was holding onto something hoping that this dream was real but I woke up...I was so mad lol :roflx:
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