Dreams Interpreted: My friends have been having strange dreams about and I do not know what they mean. Help? A Crowded mall, red coat, green grapes and almond tree

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Dreams Interpreted: My friends have been having strange dreams about and I do not know what they mean. Help? A Crowded mall, red coat, green grapes and almond tree

Post by JoJo on Mon May 02, 2011 10:00 pm

Hi all.

I believe God has provided the interpretation of a number of dreams I had posted on this site! God be praised!

I have re-posted the dreams and the interpretations are listed after each dream.

Dream Interpretations

Dream One:

There is a silver/gray coloured vehicle being driven by _________. I am in the front passenger seat, sitting in a baby’s car seat. ___________ stops the vehicle, walks in front of the vehicle over to my side of the vehicle. He opens the front passenger door and begins to hold me/take care of me.


___________ has been a driving force in my life. However, I am not sitting in the back seat having no control. I am in the front seat, well aware of the place that he holds in my life. Sitting in the front seat indicates that I agree with or am content with the position he holds in my life. The baby’s car seat that I am sitting in, an oddity signifies protection. The action of walking that he performs means that it will take time before the following actions take place. ___________ will come to me eventually. With him as my ‘head’, (I say this because he is in the driver’s seat) he cuddles and takes care of me as an adult would take care of a baby. These actions show the high level of love, care, concern, protection, tenderness that he will show me. Note: I did not appear as a baby which would indicate I would be dependent, take up a lot of his time, energy…etc. I appeared as an adult, an adult being cared for as a baby.

Dream Two:

In addition to all that occurred in the first dream, my sister in law stated that she saw our church sanctuary. She said that I was sitting in one of the chairs; she was sitting in one of the chairs beside me. She mentioned that everything in this scene was white.


This dream indicates that myself and others are looking to God, our Heavenly Father for interpretation of the dream.

Dream Three:

I was in a crowded mall with my church brethren. The front entrance of the mall was in view. To our right was a corridor heading toward a large department store. To our left was a corridor heading toward Walmart. Ahead of us led to the food court and the rest of the mall. Not all my brethren were present. We stood in an area close to where the mall's escalators should be. I recognized the mall. There was only one thing different. It did not have escalators in the place where they should be.

My father was standing close to me, my mother was in the area, my neice and other church brethren. We were all wearing coats. We were dressed in church attire. Ladies wore hats, which is customary.

I noticed something strange. I was not on the same level as everyone else. In the mall floor, where I was standing, there was a hole in the form of a square and I was on the second stair of a small staircase located beneath the floor. The majority of my body was above ground except from just below my calves down!
The crazy thing is, no one seemed to be concerned that I was not on the same level as everyone else. Everyone acted as if it was normal.

My neice was standing in front of me. She was wearing a pretty red trench coat. I think there was piping on it but I do not remember if it was white or some other light colour. However, I do recall that she had on white socks and black Mary-Jane styled shoes.

I said to her, "I like your coat." I then picked her up and started playing with her.

Coming from my left, I noticed a man and his daughter walking toward our group.
He wore glasses, had sandy brown hair, wore a bluish/greyish/purplish jacket. He was holding his daughter's hand. His daughter wore a coat but I do not remember the colour. She looked about 4 years old.

The man and his daughter came to our group. He did not tell us to move but he and his daughter waited for us to move out of the way so that he and his daughter could pass.

I then gave my neice to my father to hold. I then walked up the stairs I was standing on so that I was now stood on the mall floor like everyone else. I and the group moved so that the man and his daughter can pass.

Once we moved, I looked around. I noticed that there was more than enough room on the other side of us. The man and his daughter could have went around us. I then said, " This man is rude. He could have went around. He made us move on purpose."

Our entire group began to move toward the corridor where Walmart was located. I recognized more people in our group. Some people that I recognized did not attend our specific church branch but were a part of our church organization. One was a former member of our assembly.

At this point, I saw my brother, my sister in law, pushing my neice in a stroller. The whole group was walking slowly. Everyone was talking amongst themselves, enjoying each others company. One church sister from our assembly asked, " How is Bro. Nigel?" She then turned to me and said, "Remember when we last saw Bro. Nigel. He had his face in his hands pacing, saying, "I don't this is going to work out. I don't think this is going to work out." Immediately, my mind saw Bro. Nigel, with his face in his hands, saying, " I don't think this is going to work out." I also saw a stand-up piano. Bro. Nigel and his wife had been having problems.
Here is the strange thing. I do not know anyone by this name. His face was not one that I recognized at all! A woman that no longer attends our assemby responded to our church sister's question. She said, "Bro. Nigel is alright." Afterward, I saw another church sister from one our organization's other assemblies. Someone then asked, "How is Sis. Spence?" My mother then responded by saying," Well, I spoke to Sis. Spence a few weeks ago; Bro. Spence is not good (he is not well)."
Here is another strange thing. I do not know who Sis. Spence is, and the one that I am aware of who lives approximately 5 hrs away is not married!

Our group continued to walk down the corridor where the Walmart was located. At this time I see my brother, his wife and daughter, who is being pushed in a stroller. I then proceed to put something in my mouth. I did not look at it but I knew that it was a green grape just by how it tasted. The thing is, this grape tasted rotten. I then cringed at the taste of the grape. I did not spit it out. There would be no place to put it. I then proceeded to eat a second grape. This time, I looked at it. It indeed was green. It was firm, looked good, no blemishes, except for a slight brown ring around where the stem would be. I bit this grape. It tasted good but the taste was diminished a bit because I still had the taste of the first grape in my mouth. At this point, my brother says to me, "The P------- are coming."


The mall is a place of provision. I feel like am inferior/lower/left out, because I am not yet married. I do not need to feel this way. If I hold on to Christ and trust him/love him, just as a little child, he will lift me up and provide for me. My Heavenly Father and I are holding hands and a spiritual shift forward occurs. My prayers will be answered soon (instead of the Father and daughter going around the group, the group moved so that they could pass through – going around takes longer). The names Nigel and Spence combined mean, ‘Champion/Excellent/First Rate Provider’. God states that He is my excellent provider! Although I have dated the wrong men in the past, He will provide me with a good man that meets all my needs – looks good, feels good, tastes good.
The statement, “The _______________ are coming,” means that _____________ is coming.

Verse that came to me this week: Oh taste and see that the Lord is good. Blessed are those who put their trust in Him! (Psalm 34:8)

Dream Four:

While having Bible Study April 13, 2011 with my brethren, I nodded off by accident for only a few moments. While my eyes were closed, I saw an almond tree! The leaves were green. the tree was healthy. I have never seen an almond tree before but I recognized it because of the almond shell.


The vision of the almond tree means that God will see His Word fulfilled. It is affirmation that the dreams will come to pass

Thank you Ditte7, Tabitha, Daphanie and most of all, Mia. God used you all to lead me in the right direction in learning what God was saying to me. Mia, your site and your various posts really helped me to simplify dream interpretation, not getting bogged down with insignificant details etc. You have definitely been led by the Lord to develop this site. I have been so encouraged and thoroughly enriched by this site and the many blessed people on it.

I will pray that this ministry continues to flourish to God's honour and glory.

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