Repost:Restoring old paintings with immigrant Homeless papers.

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Repost:Restoring old paintings with immigrant Homeless papers.

Post by steadygaze on Mon May 02, 2011 4:51 pm

Hello and blessings in need of confirmation.


I was living in a dormitory with other women. It was a very large old building like an old car factory or something and we had these papers that were almost like immigrant papers the difference was our papers were stamped with homeless and homes on the bottom of our papers in bold letters, there were more women who lived in homes then women who were homeless in fact there were very few and I was one of the few.. In this dormitory we had four women to a bedroom each. In this old dormitory I would get these huge old paintings six feet tall that I had to always use a latter and my job was to bring these paintings to life. I had thishuge painting and it was dull in color it had muted color to it and I was to some how fix it to bring life to it. I sat and looked at the picture for a long time to try and ponder what I could do to bring it to
life. The painting was a scenery painting but the scenery was very dark and so I said to whom ever was with me, "It needs stars and some detail work to brighten it up a bit and add life to it." So I began to paint what I saw it needed. After I am done my boss comes in and she tells me
the owner of the painting was on the phone and they did not want the painting be fixed but cleaned. I was like what! I was told to fix it not clean it and then, my boss asked for my papers so I gave her my papers and I was embarrassed because who ever was with me could see on
the bottom of the paper the word stamped homeless in big bold letters on it. In my mind I was not homeless I had a home. Then I think to myself how am I going to clean the paint I just painted off this painting. The next thing I know all the women leave this building to go home for a break for awhile and I am in the car with roommates driving home and we are just really enjoying ourselves. Then I return on my own back to this factory thinking I would have the same roommates and so I go to my same room as before and only half my roommates are there and they were in bed and told me I was in another room. So I go to my new room and my
other two roommates were there and they said hi as I was getting ready for bed..

Any insight?
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