Sideways tornado and impending storm - no one cared!

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Sideways tornado and impending storm - no one cared!

Post by tabitha on Sun May 01, 2011 6:40 pm

this dream is from this past thursday night ... i'm praying that someone will confirm the meaning and shed some light on a few symbols!

the house i grew up in is right on the edge of town. in my dream that's where i was walking with my husband ... out of town. we are having a conversation and i knew a storm was coming. i wanted to take shelter because i just knew it was going to form a tornado. i kept watching the skies (i was slightly apprehensive and felt i really needed to pay attention and monitor the storm). i think my husband left my side but i'm not sure because i couldn't turn away from what i was doing - someone had to keep watch! i saw a tornado forming ... fairly large and grey. i knew i had to get the kids to safety (my youngest was not present just my 5 and 3 year olds). as i was rounding up the kids i saw my father in law, brother in law and his wife with their baby standing right outside the place we needed to be. they were under a carport of some kind. they wouldn't come inside. it's like they thought i was overreacting but i knew i wasn't ... it's commen sense to get inside when a tornado is coming. they didn't think it would hit us. I herd the kids inside this slightly underground cellar? it was kind of like a rundown shed that was half underground. it wasn't the best place but although i knew we had a little time before the tornado hit we didn't have enough to get to a basement. along with my children is my nephew (brother in law and wife's oldest son). i was confused as to why they were letting me protect him but they wouldn't protect their baby. i explain to the kids what they need to do if the tornado hits before i get back. i go back out to ask a question ... i think i was wondering where my husband went and to check on the weather. they still would not come in even though it was apparent that we shouldn't be outside. all of the sudden in front of me forms a small, skinny grey tornado that was sideways. i'm watching to see if it grows and if it's a threat when out of nowhere a skinnier white tornado wraps itself around the grey one ... not engulfing it but almost like constraining it ... it seemed like that gave me more time for some reason. so i head back inside and try again to get the rest of them inside but they just look at me. the kids are looking at my wanting answers and all i can think is i dont know we just have to ride this storm out. i wrap my arms protectively around the three kids and the storm starts. somehow i knew no one would die but i was extremely apprehensive because i didnt know the extent of devastation this storm would cause and the rest weren't prepared for it. i wanted to help them but i had to protect the kids and it wasn't my job to protect them. end of dream.

i still don't know what exactly people in my dreams represent and i certainly dont get what a sideways tornado means! help please! tornado

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