Plastic Pink Engagement Ring

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Plastic Pink Engagement Ring

Post by ispeaktheword on Mon Nov 10, 2008 8:26 pm


My husband and I are in the family room in a house (not our home). We were sitting on a couch watching tv. Lots of kids including our own were playing in front of us. I started thinking about making breakfast.

Scene changes and I end up in a back room in the house with some guy. We were on the bed talking for a long time. He wanted to marry me and I said yes. I loved the attention. He was easy going. I felt like I had been gone to long. My sister comes in the room and gives me this plastic pink engagement ring with no diamond in it. It just had prongs. It looked like a toy. I realized this is going to far, I'm married! I broke it off with the guy. He was disappointed.

I came out of the room. This girl starts telling me how nice my husband is. She said he told her, "That gift (meaning me) is my present". I go to where everyone is and they are about to play a board game. I looked at my husband sitting on the couch but he didn't acknowledge me. I know he was hurt. I got up to leave but another girl starts complaining about finding the right guy and how he needs to look a certain way. I said, see that's the problem don't worry about what they look like. God knows your heart".

I started heading down the hall and get to the door. My mother said, "wait, I want to talk to you, I will walk with you to Kims house (my other sister). We open the door and here comes my aunt Sherry all slim in a bright green outfit (irl she is plus sized). She was smiling, laughing and dancing. She went in the house while my mother and I went out. In the dream I felt like I did not appreciate my husband.

Irl my husband and I have a very good relationship. Any thoughts on this dream. Could it have something to do with church?


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Re: Plastic Pink Engagement Ring

Post by Halo on Tue Nov 11, 2008 5:35 am


I think your conclusion is right on this one. when I came across this one a old song came to my mind ''Only making believe'' what you have is real (a very good relationship) but howerer, you are his gift maybe there is an area in your relationship that needs (quality time) and everyone else is getting in the way. He desires to have more time with you . As an end result ---victory! huggins God Bless.

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