4 different dreams-tornado-marriage to Obama-baby boy-3 crowns of diamonds

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4 different dreams-tornado-marriage to Obama-baby boy-3 crowns of diamonds

Post by JoshJoy on Wed Apr 27, 2011 6:47 pm

My dream goes as follows. I am in Africa (my native birthplace). I see coins on the ground and try to pick them up. When I lift up my head, I see a big tornado coming towards my family. I see my older brother in the dream, I knew my whole family was there but he is the only one I could see. I started binding spirits and after a few seconds, the tornado dissipated. My husband then later climbed up a tree and help a man down the tree (he was a white man).

Another dream that I had just last night goes as follows. I was very excited because it was my wedding day and my husband to be was Barack Obama, the president of the USA. I was going around telling everyone I knew that today was my wedding day and that I was getting married to the President of the United states. I told one lady and she asked me"isn't he married to Michelle? did they get a divorce?" I said, I wasn't sure. I realised that I had last minute errands to run before the wedding so I went to get items for the receptions. As I was going back to the Church, someone was telling me that my bra was showing and I fixed it. I then realsied that my dress was part white and part black and I was wearing beautiful black shoes. When I got to the church I saw a crowed lined up to enter the church and they were singing the hymn "How Great thou art". When I got to the church, I went to a reception room where my mother was. She was the only one in that room and was setting up the reception. The setup was modest and I gave her the items that I had gotten. The end.

Another dream goes as follows: I was in labor but it was not painful at all. Soon I saw little feet comin out of me. My husband was next to me and I told him that the baby was coming out. I laid on the floor and my husband helped me deliver a beautiful healthy baby boy. The baby seemed white but I am African American. My other two children were in the dream watching the whole scene.

Another dream goes as follows: Someone opened up a big blanket and I saw three crowns. The one on to was big, the one underneath it was medddium size and the one under that one was smaller size. I chose the smaller one but when I put it on my head, it was a crown made of diamonds and the crown grabbed my head and kind of became one with my head into a prefect fit. I was so happy, I went around in a confident posture showing it off to everyone.


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