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role reveral

Post by Allsmiles on Tue Apr 26, 2011 10:18 am

I had this dream last night on the night of 4/25. I have been asking God to clean out my heart and I dreamed this one ALL night long- super unusual for me.

I dreamed that I was at my mothers house (parents are divorced and have been for a long while.) It was a beautiful mansion on a huge plot of lands with beautiful horses. Every room had luxury and more than what we needed. A home-school room... with everything that you could want for homeschooling. A huge 5 lane pool, all kinds of great food and a lovely kitchen and on and on. My bio dad was there too. He was always leery of what she said and did.. he was uncomfortable with the luxury.

At one point in the dream my mom offered us (at this point there were several visitors in the kitchen with us) any drink that we wanted, and opened the pantry to show us all how she could add any flavor to the drink so that it tasted wonderful. My dad immediately became disgruntled and assumed that she was offering some sort of alcohol beverage. (I don't drink, but my parents do wine and beer) I jumped into let dad know that I wanted my coffee to be flavored with a nonalcoholic flavoring.

I woke up thinking about how mom was acting like dad and dad like mom.. SOo different. Any thoughts? Reading through this again I can't make much sense of it.. will keep asking God to make some sense of it. : )
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Re: role reveral

Post by One Door on Tue Apr 26, 2011 9:46 pm

In truth, we really don't know what it is we ask when we ask God to clean out our heart. The truth is not always pretty and sometimes it is downright ugly, but we ask and all God can do is to be truthful with us. I always tremble inside when I ask God to do things like this in me. I never know what it is God is going to have me to confront.
The following is how I see your dream.
Your Mother here symbolizes the Holy Spirit (God). The house you are in belongs to God. All that you see is His. He owns' a huge plot of land (the earth). The horses symbolize "power", God's power. "Every room had luxury and more than what we needed"...symbolizing God has more than enough for us. A school is a place of learning. The Holy Spirit is our teacher and since this is His house, therefore, the "home schooling". The five-lane pool symbolizes the "grace" of God (the number 5) and the pool itself symbolizes "God's favor". All kinds of great foods symbolize "satisfying teaching of the word of God". You will find all these things in the house of God.
A "non-alcoholic flavoring" symbolizes what is "superficial". Are you more concerned with what is on the surface than what is beneath? Coffee symbolizes "bitterness or resentment". Do you hold bitterness or resentment in your heart toward anyone? I personally believe your Dad here not so much symbolizes anyone but it is his actions that are important to notice. Is it possible that his actions in the dream could remind you of yourself? Instead of enjoying his surroundings, his actions are one of suspicion and accusations, not trusting.
Getting your heart "cleaned out" can hurt but it is the true follower of Christ who will desire to have a clean heart, which always pleases God.
Again, this is how I see your dream.

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