honeymoon- YUCK!

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honeymoon- YUCK!

Post by Allsmiles on Tue Apr 26, 2011 10:03 am

Hi all,

I haven't posted in a long while but recently I have had 2 dreams that I dreamed ALL night long. (this is very unusual for me) I should note that I have been saved, baptised and filled again and again with the Holy Spirit. Around this time I was doing a 21 day fast with my church.. the dream happened Saturday the night after Good Friday a huge service where God moved mightly. A friend in leadership anointed my head with oil and asked God to remove lust from my heart.. something I have struggled with for years. (big moment- done with tact and grace)

The first dream was of me falling in love, romantically (but with no physical affection- Thank Goodness- Yuck!) We married and went on a honey moon with her small (3 or 4 maybe) I didn't see the son before the honeymoon. The girl in the dream is an acquaintance that I know from work. I don't talk to her much and I really couldn't even tell you her name. Soo all that to have I have NO idea why I would have dreamed of marrying her??

So on honeymoon night we go to get in bed and there was no room for her.. I had stuff everywhere.. basically trash.. opened makeup wrappers and laundry. I finally get it all off and really already feel pretty gross about what I know is about to happen. Then I notice that she has fallen asleep in another smaller bed on the other side of the room. Her little son which I see for the first time, is playing on the floor. He looks at me but goes on playing. I don't feel a need to go and talk to him but crawl over all the stuff that I have on the floor and go to bed myself. Happy that she was asleep..

I woke up (irl) with a feeling.. soo hard to describe. I was reminded of being prayed for and felt like the battle had been won. I felt like, the battle was won and I was living day one victoriously.

Guess I am just looking for an Godly opinion?

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Re: honeymoon- YUCK!

Post by daphanie02 on Sat Apr 30, 2011 12:27 pm

First of all Congratulations!

I felt the dream could possibly be about a future spouse and its possible the woman will remind you of your co-worker now. (sometimes people can be symbolic)

Laura Boaz (aka Daph)




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