The backyard and the bomb

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The backyard and the bomb

Post by littlewillow on Mon Apr 25, 2011 11:26 am

Hi, I'm new here. I had this dream over 10 years ago, and I have never ever forgotten it. I usually think about it more during this month, as you'll read. I have no idea what it "means" or could have meant. Am a bit nervous to post it, and I've probably not told more than 5 people about it. I'm sure it was nothing, but it is always nagging in my brain from time to time..

It starts with me, alone, walking down the middle of a street. There are houses on either side of me. (I usually dream in color, dull, but certainly color.) I am wearing a red shirt. That is the only color I see. Clearly red. I walk and I see a tornado coming (or sense it's there .. that's a bit fuzzy). So I run to a house and knock on the door. An old woman answers and I'm telling her about it, while holding the door handle, as the wind is blowing me back.
She seems perfectly as ease, has no idea what's outside and lets me inside. I walk through her house, it seems as though I went in the door, skipped the house and suddenly am walking onto her back patio.
I look around, and it's just a concrete patio, with some white iron furniture to the left and its fenced in with a chain link fence, at least on one side that I notice .. the rest outward seems to just go infinity when I think about it.
I hear sirens, tornado sirens, but I know for some reason it's Not the tornado. It's like an air raid siren. I find myself under the white iron table, I'm clutching the chain link fence. I can still feel the pattern of it on my hand to this day. The cool feeling, typical diamond shape. I look off into the distance and see a huge mushroom cloud raise up. I can see only reds and oranges. It rises and my eyes follow it up into the sky. Above it is clearly night, I see stars. In the stars a mans face forms. He looks Asian I suppose? (Hard to say when his face is all stars) A roundish face, a beard, a squarish hat. He laughs and says , "This is payback for what you did to us." I look beside him and the stars write out April 25th (which, I just randomly noticed is today! Gah! lol ).
I hear the sirens again and look out more above where I'm sitting. I see a bomb falling, I hear the sirens and I wake just before it hits me.
Of course, I woke up terrified. For years, I wonder, was it something I ate and saw on TV? There was nothing going on in my life really.
A big part of me thinks it was just .. a dream. Simply that. Nothing more. Then a smaller part of me dreads if it was more. Either way, I would love to know .. what the heck??

Thanks so much, for any answers.

(And .. I never wear red in April which is just plain silly.)

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Re: The backyard and the bomb

Post by daphanie02 on Sat Apr 30, 2011 11:40 am

Ok I'm just going to give some thoughts/ideas. I do not have an interpretation from the Lord.

It's alarming when we have any kind of bomb dream. My husband had one a while back and it was terrifying. He saw the house we live in now...(then we didn't, but its the exact same) Then the bomb fell and we were all dying of radiation poisoning.

Anyway bomb dreams can have symbolic meaning and don't have to be so terrifying. It could be symbolic for something that's about to happen that will affect you and others around you. Such as a change in the government or being effected by something that happens overseas. Such as gas prices going up so stinking high as a result of the wars and such.

Its difficult to know when a dream will manifest. Sometimes when we dream something it can be for the next day or even 10-20 or more YEARS later like in the book of Genesis with Joseph. If I were you, I would look up history that took place every year on April the 25th for the past ten years and see if it fits your dream. The color red in this dream may indicate some type of alarm, or color to get your attention to let you know something alarming was about to occur. We need to all pray that this dream is not literal..but I believe all dreams like this are given to forewarn us and prepare us for things to come. (whether symbolic or literal) Because of my husband's dream, we are now digging a bomb shelter in our yard laugh
Anyway I hope this helps you find and gain a better understanding. Pray about it and the Lord will give you a clear interpretation and help you understand the symbolism and the overall message of the dream.

Laura Boaz (aka Daph)



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