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Need Interpretation

Post by Ashley on Mon Apr 25, 2011 10:53 am

Hi my name is Ashley and this is my first post. I have went through the Dream and Vision worksheet, but am still having trouble understanding the dream, I don't think it is a literal one at all. I have been praying about a bday party job I have on the weekends where I dress up for children parties sometimes as a princess or a clown. I have been having a lot of issues with clients and co-workers so I have been praying if God wants me to keep this job. The dream:

I was driving forward in a car with a Caucasian male (I am African-American), I was attracted to him. He was very pleasant. We were driving past a house where I supposedly would have to drive to for a party later that day..but the house was weird. They had sort of a clothing rack (like the department stores) and it was filled with several copies of my clown costume hung on it in the front yard..also several copies of my clown wig. At first the passenger guy assumed it was the party he would be working but we realized it was mine as we were driving past it.
Then we were just in this house. He pulled out a deck of cards. Instead of the face of each card representing a suit, they had a picture of someone on them, they were all pictures of African-American people they looked like old school pics. For some reason the pictures registered in my mind as family members, maybe mine, maybe not, but a family. I remember thinking that's weird to have. And he flipped all the cards over face down and asked if I wanted to play 'go fish'. I was about to say yes, but then I looked at my watch and realized I was about to be late for that party. It was 3:29 and my party was supposed to start at 3:30. I jumped up in a rush and said I had to go to my party but asked if I could get his number for when I was done. He tried to give it to me but this light kept shining on my phone making a glare so I couldn't see if I was pressing the right numbers...and that was it.

It seems extremely random so I'm not sure if it has a meaning but maybe it does. I would really appreciate Godly interpretation and not guesses. Thanks!

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