Repost Living on Almond street.

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Repost Living on Almond street.

Post by steadygaze on Mon Apr 25, 2011 9:39 am

Jan 26, 2011 7:35 amHi all and many blessings to you.

had an interesting dream. I need to see if what I am sensing from this
dream is correct.. My grandfather was a Assembly of God pastor in the
past, he is now passed away. I want to state ahead of time my
grandfather that is in the dream represents deception, and the demonic
activity, and greed, and adultery in real life when he was alive. My
grandfather was one with GREAT authority.


I for
what ever reason was to move back home. My friend Mary does not live in
my home town. Well Mary helped me find an apartment in a small city next
to my city over the phone. So Mary calls me and says, "I rented this
amazing place for $100 dollars." I was like really cause everything is
expensive back home especially in wine country. So I move into my new
place and it was on Almond street and she was right it was gorgeous and
it had the lake behind me. I was thinking wow how in the world did she
help me rent this place so cheap.. I am thinking to myself that I need
to move back to my city but there was something about the place I was
now living in next to my city. I go over to my grandfathers house for
some reason and my grandfather is working on His check book on this
little table. My grandfather had married this real young women who I
began to talking to. I could see she was deceived into marrying my
grandfather and he treated her like a slave, and she was a victim of
deception, after talking to her I had to return home. So I go home but
now I am lost I know I am in the right area but I am lost, so I get out
of my car and start to walk and as I am walking I walk by this lake. As I
walk by this lake these two young boys are about to jump in off this
ledge and I asked them how they likes swimming and they said they love
it and now they have to pay a dollar to go swimming. I was like really
it use to be free and the boys jumped in. I was remembering what it was
like to swim and jump off ledges and have fun. Then I go to this ladies
house and ask if she can help me find my way home. So this lady lets me
and asks me what the name of my street is and I said, " I do not know
can I use your phone?" The lady nodded her head so I began to dial my
grandpas young wife and as I am dialing, I see the lady who is helping
me talk to her self. So I begin to ask the Lord what should I do, pray
for her or what? The Lord was silent. Anyway my grandpa's wife answers
and I ask her the name of my street she says, " ALMOND STREET! I think
to myself how in the world could I forget that name. Then all of a
sudden my grandpas wife is over helping me get to my house. I then again
tell grandpa's wife I am going to move back home and then I stop and
realize as I am in the back yard of my apartment or little house by the
lake that I am to be on almond street.

Anyway insight?
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Re: Repost Living on Almond street.

Post by daphanie02 on Sat Apr 30, 2011 11:15 am

What I was getting from this dream was that the Lord will provide a place for you. Almond trees bloom early, i believe at the end of winter or something like that. Not sure what that means for you but I thought maybe Almond had some kind of meaning for you as to the season you were in in the dream. Also I felt when you walked by the lake where the boys were jumping that you were there for a reason..possibly to pray for someone but that it happened for a reason. Sorry I don't have a full interpretation. That's just what I got..
love ya!

Laura Boaz (aka Daph)



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