Two dreams in two consecutive nights

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Two dreams in two consecutive nights

Post by ilse777 on Sat Apr 23, 2011 10:01 am

First Dream: I was an art teacher, teaching in a (oldish) house. I was not qualified though. I remember seeing a list of my students and recognized some of them as current (real life) piano students. Then I drove by this house and the bridge that led to it was demolished. I saw construction vehicles still on top of some of the bridge debris in the valley. Then my dad painted an artwork for my mom with flowers in it. He also took my brother's sweater an wrote his signature on it. My brother was very excited and said, "this has never happened to me before!"

Second Dream: I was the art teacher again, but this time in a different setting. There was a move to a newly built house that looked like the traditional American, white, wooden-paneled houses. I stood in the yard and watched the people move in. There were all kinds of furniture and things on the grass, including a lawn-mower.
In the next scene I was getting ready for an important occasion like my wedding or something. I had to take a shower, but already had my make-up on. Then I took the shower without ruining the make-up. My mom was there and I got a Starbucks coffee on the way. Then we stopped somewhere in the old part of a city that I didn't recognize. I wanted to go see someone, but we only had 5 minutes, so they (my mom and others) waited for me in the car. It was an old brown-stone building (kind of Victorian style) and there was something written in the stone on both sides of the door. It said, "BLUE JAIG FOURTH IN JUNE". When I read it in the dream I said, "Blue Jay fourth in June" and I thought the word "jaig" was maybe an older English for "jay". I said to my mom "look, there is another blue jay thing!" (I've had another dream with "blue jay" in it in 2008.) I went inside and the old lady who lived there fainted behind a curtain. I rushed over to see if she was ok and she got up. She was petite, frail and had gray hair. She was making pot roast (which apparently was a tradition around Christmastime). I came to collect some and had a bowl. She filled my bowl, but then I felt sorry that I was taking half the food of an old lady so I told her not to give me too much so she could have some left. She asked me if she should bake me a fruit cake. I replied that I couldn't eat that since I'm pregnant (I'm pregnant in real life). Somewhere in our conversation I had made connections in my head between certain relatives and came to the conclusion that she was my grandmother. I told her, "that means you're my grandmother!" She wasn't really surprised or excited, but kind of stoic.

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Re: Two dreams in two consecutive nights

Post by daphanie02 on Mon Apr 25, 2011 3:11 pm

Wow you have a lot going on here LOL!

Is there something you feel you are teaching at but feel like you aren't qualified? I think something may happen with your brother where he will be excited because (whatever it is) is something that's cool and has never happened before.

It's possible that the blue Jay thing is a sign for you that has particular meaning. That the "Blue Jay" is symbolic for something that is kind of a sign for you to pay attention too or something (Just a thought) Also with the pot roast.... Pot roast in my dreams is something special that I make that takes a lot of time and investment. ITs also something that I have a lot of pride in because its my favorite dish and i just love it so much. IF and I mean IIIIFFF I share my pot roast that person is a very lucky person LOL
So, I felt as though the person that was giving it was giving something you may have felt like it was too much for her..and she should give you something lesser that's not so hard on her because you dont want to be a burden...
Anyway these are just my thoughts, NOT a Holy Spirit interpretation..Please pray on this.
God bless

Laura Boaz (aka Daph)



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