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Post by tinadiamond on Thu Apr 21, 2011 7:17 am

Last nights dream, It was me my husband and son Fishing we were like in knee high water fishing. My son cought a med sized catfish, After that I was still holding my fishing pole, then I handed it to my husband because I was going to go do something, I think I was going to the truck to get my baby , don't really remember but i think that's what I went to do. So I gave him the fishing pole, right when I was walking away he starts pulling the line in fast & he walks to the edge where He can pick up the fish cause we can all see that its HUGE. So he pulls it up and throws it up on the side from it's gills. It is a HUGE CATFISH, it is so Fat. Like 3 ft.long and 1 ft. wide. Then I wake up. Can you please help with this dream. Thank you ! O ! I almost forgot when I came back I had a pack of fish hooks in my hand and said to my husband and son I brought some more fish hooks.

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