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****i had this dream when i was about to tell the guy in the dream that we shouldnt communicate with/date each other anymore***DREAM: i was walking with someone i used to date, a guy i was beginning to love. it was like we were in a convenient store but the shelves were empty and very high. the color on the walls and shelves were a pale gray. at the end of the store, a man was high up. it looked like he was on a ladder or something. we were the only ones in the store. the man said 'you two!!! come here!!' he had his index finger and middle finger pointed towards us. so we walked closer to him. he said to us 'be careful'...then everything disappeared and we were in the middle of a sea of wolves ready to attack us. we were completely surrounded and the wolves went back as far as my eyes could see. we were kinda back to back in a stance....... like we were on guard or ready to fight....and then i woke up.

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