Hurry! Got to get out ot Town

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Hurry! Got to get out ot Town

Post by AnchoredHe619 on Wed Apr 20, 2011 12:04 pm

I had this dream back in Aug 2009 and I have yet to understand its true meaning

The dream starts off with My mother and I at a gas station. I remember that it was really intense and that it was very important that my mom and I get out of our home town (were I grew up) as quick as possible. I fill up my Silver SUV with gas and I hop into the drivers seat and look over at mom and ask which way she wanted to go . . .North toward Dallas or South toward Houston? She answers with south towards Houston and I put the vehicle into drive and got on the freeway with intense speed. Immeditatly she and I went from sitting in my vehicle to walking in step down a long corridor or hallway. We were walking very briskly and I look over to my mother again and ask. . .How did we get here? She simply struggs her shoulders and we continued to walk down this hallway again in step or in sink. (This stand out to me because my mother is disabled and to walk up right and in sink with me at a fast pace in not possible) We eventuly come up to people standing at the end of the corridor. .they look like or put me in the mind ushers. Past the usher like people was a huge room with people eveywere. My mom walks in and gets lost in the crowd because she saw some poeple she knew. I stand and look at one of the ushers and ask were are we. The lady usher ask me back with a smile "You don't know where you are?" I turn around and respond kinda angry like. . .with profanity!!! I say something along the lines of I don't know where the __________ i am. (This bothers me because I don't even use profanity. . .anymore. . ) The lady is obviouly taken back by my respond and the look on her face is of total disgust but she signals for me to go on thru into the huge room with all the people. I walk the room looking for my mother and I pass by a lady that looks like my grandmother (my dads mom). I stop and go back and as I walk up closer to her I realize that it is her. I am so happy and overjoyed. Sitting right next to her in a lazyboy chair is my other grandmother (my mom's mother and both of them have moved on to heaven since the late 1990s). We all huge and embrace each other and then we hear like someone overhead annouce that it is time for us to move to another room for a gathering.

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Re: Hurry! Got to get out ot Town

Post by Grey Butterfly on Thu Apr 21, 2011 12:50 am

Wow! amazing dream :o)

Welcome Anchored...

I pray that God makes this dream clearer to you...

Blessings, Diane
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