A Bad Investment

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A Bad Investment

Post by daphanie02 on Tue Apr 19, 2011 3:33 pm

I dreamed I was watching this couple that was very happy and they were designers. They were also me and my husband but they didn't look like us and I was watching in the Spirit.

So this very rich farmer wanted us to go into his barn and sculpt these massive sculptures to honor all their prize winning animals and all the things they have accomplished. They had after all been the reason for the farmer's success.
So we were very excited! They gave me a BUNCH of money to do exactly what they wanted us to do. Then the farmers wife looked at me and said "In case you decide to invest some of this money...it will replenish itself later..." or something like that. I think they had a stock or something.. Anyway I looked at her in shock and said "I would never invest your money that you have intrusted to me..."
But after she left I saw that my wheels were turning in my head and I grabbed a newspaper and pointed to the front page where a car had crashed and I told him I wanted to invest in that stock. I knew everyone would have seen on the news that they had crashed but I knew the stock would eventually go WAY up so I invested 100 million dollars into that stock. crying

Then I was no longer watching me, i was me and I was worried about how much I had invested and why oh why did I do that? bandaid Why didn't I just do the right thing and make the sculptures? Instead I did what I could with what I had left and I made the beginnings of some sculptures and it was my hope that eventually we could make them nice like the farmer wanted them to be.
Then as I was worried about having to pay all that money back for the sculptures, I started working at this pawn shop. But the pawn shop was for cars. People were renting all sorts of cars to drive around for the weekend and it was my job to make sure everything was nice and not harmed on the car. I started getting a pay check after I had proved myself valuable to the women that worked there. I had enough money to pay all my bills and then money left over...I was wondering what I would do with all my left over money. I was no longer worried about the sculptures and was at the point to where I was wondering if I was wrong about worrying about it being a bad investment after all. But I had a very strong feeling of trying to prove myself to everyone. I wanted everyone at the shop to know that I was a good worker and worth their time.

Laura Boaz (aka Daph)



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