dinning room table

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dinning room table

Post by michellemg on Mon Apr 18, 2011 10:32 pm

Hello everyone, I am new to the group. I had the following dream and I believe I have the interpretation but would like confirmation.

the house we were was not the house we live in now but in the dream it was ours and I was in the front yard the entire time and the kids were going in and out of the house. I could see the street. A train was coming and it was randomly hitting houses i think or yards, so we did not know if it would hit ours, we only had so much time to get out and we could only bring what we could. I was bringing pictures and I had my oldest daughters baby book but not my other children's baby books and I said I will get yours referring to my other two kids and I thought of putting clothes in my car.
there was a moving train that came by i wanted to see how it worked so i jumped on and i had a glass in my hand and threw it to my son he caught it but then dropped it but it did not break. then some how I got off. but the train was still coming
we were going to put our animals in the car, i seen a strange animal that I liked and it followed me and got in the car it did not attack me and it was friendly and somehow our dinning room table was outside but someone in a car stole it very quickly, so fast i did not even see it until it was all the way down the street and then disappeared very quickly.
There was a large tree log, we were required to move that so we moved it. I thought it would be hard to move but it wasnt and as we moved it and was cut into two

felt rushed, and although it was a problem not worried
thinking it out, trying to use wisdom
although it was hard things were working for us

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