Court, I need to pay????Graduation, HELP

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Court, I need to pay????Graduation, HELP

Post by dorothy07 on Mon Apr 18, 2011 6:08 am

I had a dream that i was given a citation of 32.00 with a map to the court house from my cousin's girlfriend.(to me she and my cousin are strangers to me, we are not close at all). well I was upset and threw it at her,She then picked it up and walked into another room. When she returned it was no longer a citation but a picture of her and my cousin in gold graduation gowns and on the back of the picture it said this is the last year we will be alone". In my dream it seemed as though she was pregnant and there will be a birth. Another aspect of my emotions where I was surprised they (cousin and girlfriend) knew each other when they we little. I then turned to the judge who looked like my husband and he was mad for some reason and told me to "just Pay it"???? please someone help me/.

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