Mice, rats, ants and spiders

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Mice, rats, ants and spiders

Post by patty.farquharlahman on Sat Apr 16, 2011 9:41 am

I have a recurring dream of mice. They often get tangled in my hair. One time they were shredding a project notebook for work and nesting in it. I tried to chase them away but there were too many. There were a few cats that I hoped would help but they were chasing them just to play. Among the mice was a huge rat trying to hide in the shadows.

Last night I dreamed of ants coming from under my couch. Just a couple at first. There was a large black spider with a red marking that was catching and eating the ants. Soon there were hundreds of ants and then more spiders came descending from the ceiling. I was about to run but then woke up.

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Re: Mice, rats, ants and spiders

Post by One Door on Sat Apr 16, 2011 12:19 pm

Hello Patty,
There are my thoughts on your dreams of mice and the spiders.
These dreams are related. They both speak of devourers.
Mice are destructive creatures. In dreams, they are symbolized as devourers. God is showing you, you have a devourer/devourers in your life. He is showing you so you can stand against them. I believe them being tangled in your hair represents bringing confusion into your life.
Ants are a nuisance to us. They cause problems. When they come into a house, if you do not stop them when they first come in, many will follow. The same can be said of demonic spirits. The spiders in this dream are devourers. Some spiders do eat ants. Because they descended from the ceiling, they are devourers sent by God. A ceiling is a covering, therefore, symbolizing your covering which is God. A Black Widow spider has a red marking on it and it is a very dangerous spider. In this dream I believe the red marking actually symbolizes "warfare", therefore God sending a dangerous spider because spiritual warfare is needed here. These (the spiders) are God's angels doing warfare on your behalf to rid you of the ants (the trouble/problems/nuisances that is/has been going on in your life).
You can stand against the devourer by standing firm in your faith and using the word of God against them.

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