New Apartment and Bird's Nest

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New Apartment and Bird's Nest

Post by lola21st on Fri Apr 15, 2011 10:52 pm

I had a dream that I was moving to New York to attend graduate school so needed an apartment. My friend S.(a former college roommate and close friend who grew up in NY and now lives a short commute away in NJ) was helping me find an apartment. Things get a little fuzzy but the bottom line is that I find an apartment in a high rise building. The apartment itself is nice but the light only comes in via one wall which has a sliding glass door that leads to a balcony.

My friend is coming over to see the apartment. While I'm waiting for him to visit, I hear someone at the door trying to unlock the door with their key. I go to the door and using what I'd like to think was an intimidating voice (lol!) say "Who are you and what are you trying to do??!!". The voice says "It's me!". I realize that it's him and wonder where he got a key from and said, "How did you get a key?" I wasn't mad or upset, just wondered how it was that he got a key so fast because I didn't give one to him. Now the thing that's interesting in this scene is that the key that he had was to the outer door of this apartment. That door led to a small room (like a foyer?) and then there was still another door with a lock that would lead to my actual apartment. It wasn't a common area/hallway that led to different apartments, it led only to my apartment.

I showed him the place (though I actually only remember the living room/kitchen open floor - it was a small apartment) and led him to the balcony so that he could see it and see the view. He noticed a bird's nest in the gutter that hung over the sliding glass door. As he pryed the bird's nest out of the gutter, a bird flew out of the nest and flew into the apartment. I don't remember anything about the bird except that it was small and that it wasn't white. I remember thinking that there's no way I'm going inside that apartment with a wild bird inside. I then remembered that my cat was in the apartment and saw that it was getting ready to chase the bird. We decided to stay on the balcony until my cat caught the bird. End of dream.


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Re: New Apartment and Bird's Nest

Post by Grace010 on Tue Apr 19, 2011 1:43 pm

Hi Lola,

Hier is my thought: you were surprised because he has got the key so quickly. it could be he has an access in your life as you mentioned he has a key for outer door which lead to foyer and your apartment. this key could be an opportunity and it will open the door to both of you.
in this case this key lead him to wait on God's movement..after waiting, God will direct him to your apartment. It could be he is praying about direction what he needs to do etc.
which key do you have?

abt the bird: it could be a hindrance. because of that bird you couldn't enter your apartment and both of you have to wait on balcony until the bird is gone. there will be always a hindrance when you want to get your breakthrough. but God is Bigger than anything, the best thing is Pray until something happen.
Pls pray it on what I just said. if it is not correct, you can ignore it.


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