President obama and Black Snakes

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President obama and Black Snakes

Post by tinadiam on Fri Apr 15, 2011 8:58 pm

I was in the white house, I couldn't see myself but I knew I was their. Suddenly I see president obama walking around he was wearing a suit and had papers in his hand. He was walking out of his room into another room. Then I see Michelle obama ,She was trying to figure out what to wear @ she had like one outfit on her bed. While I am watching all of this I see 2 or 3 Big almost looking like anaconda pitch BLACK, BLACK the blackest black, that I've ever seen , snakes in these rooms with both of them. I was very surprised to see that they were not scared of these snakes ! They liked each other and got along with each other just fine. The snakes didn't seem to bother them one bit.


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