I have been having a lot of dreams

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I have been having a lot of dreams

Post by linsmapril on Fri Apr 15, 2011 8:58 pm

I have been having a lot of strange dreams since a specific person has entered my life.

1. I often dream about this person. Almost every single night. If not once, more.
2. The past few months I have been dreaming about my old house as a child. the last house my parents lived in together before they became divorced. It is exactly as it was when we lived there. EXACTLY. no missing parts etc.
3. My deceased father is in my dreams about once a week. I do often believe dreams of him to be of the heavenly father because I have not any trouble with the passing of my father. No unsettled business and I believe he is in heaven as he was a believer in Christ.
4. Also recently, a deceased friend has been in my dreams. But at a distance. I am not interacting with him. his death is the reason for my salvation. Perhaps reflecting my actual life... which I have a theory about.
5. In one of my dreams my mother had passed and my father was alive (almost as if they were traded) but he was not the matured man that I parted with. He was the resentful man that I knew as a child. He was sleeping and I was afraid he would wake up. later my older sister was waving stink bugs out the back door while I did my banking with a teller in the den. My mother was alive later.

In my real life... I am struggling with a spiritual battle. I was in a relationship with an unsaved man whom I loved VERY much and prayed for just about everyday. For the first time in my life, I was able to understand godly love and what it meant and the fullness of "eternity apart from God." It made me weep to think of his damnation. Just as he started to pray and acknowledge the Lord a sudden wedge was driven between us and I think it is the work of the devil. I couldn't understand my DEEP pain and physical inability to move on from the relationship's end until a mature believer told me it sounded like God had placed an intercession on my heart.
I am curious about how these dream may be symbolic.

things that are going on with me... I am divorced. I have two small children. boys: Joshua and Gabriel.
Since my realization of this intercession, I have spent a lot of time praying, reading the word, listening to music that glorifies the Lord and ALL day long I listen to sermons from Dr. Charles Stanley, Pastor Greg Laurie, Pastor Raul Ries among others. Otherwise, doubt enters my mind and I don't stand a chance against the devil. I only hope that my friend is protected by my prayers.

I appreciate any insight. Thank you for reading. God bless!!!

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