A warning of an earthquake

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A warning of an earthquake

Post by bethel on Fri Apr 15, 2011 4:08 pm

"I dreamt that I was with Bethel (my daughter) and my husband, next or in front of the coast of Valparaiso (my hometown). We planned to sleep there beside the sea, but we knew something was coming: an earthquake. So, we were mentally prepared to run uphill when that happened.
(This part is hard to explain) I saw a crack (like a ditch), a fissure, an opening that extended from the sea all the way to the land for miles. Next to the place where we were was a hill. On that hill, I saw a big, giant poster (a sign) hanging with a huge picture of what would happen. The poster showed that there would be a subduction. (This part was very impressive and clear).
I then decided that sleeping there made no sense. It made no sense because we knew what was coming. Why we were going to wait for the earthquake to occur and then move from the shore? I said to Bethel: “Gather your things. We are going uphill, more toward the heights.” I saw myself taking my stuff, shoes, blankets, etc. Then, we climbed to the heights. We only climbed about halfway when we put our stuff down on the grass. My husband asked us: “Are you going to sleep here?” (I think that we answered yes). He said: “It is a dangerous place, because thieves can attack you during the night.” Therefore, when we considered the danger of the thieves (and the water), we started going to a higher place.

(This part of the dream impacted me) Bethel said to me: “Mom, sing, you, sing”. I did not know what I had to sing or what the lyrics were. It seemed that she was telling me to sing the verse. Immediately after, I saw two men (they were at a short distance from us), they began to sing at the sound of a drum. (I tried to repeat what they said ...)
This is what I can remember from the lyrics of the song:
Hear the voice of the Pastor: hurt, injure.
Listen to the wind and the sea: hurt, hurt.
Listen…………: hurt...

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