Jesus and poison water, bugs, earthworms

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Jesus and poison water, bugs, earthworms

Post by hind'sfeet on Thu Apr 14, 2011 3:28 pm

I'm going to section the different parts of the dream off because they don't flow.

I believe this dream has to do with the story of Jesus cursing the tree and also the part where He explained about moving mountains. I read that to my son last night right before we went to bed and I had a dream of Jesus.

I am supposed to Imitate Jesus. I saw Him early in my dream and don't remember anything about it. There is a cabinet unit I'm standing next to. I'm observing these flat triangular bug/pests and they were "bed bugs". I can't believe how many there are. There is a huge one, the size of a turtle. I have to imitate Jesus, so I curse them and tell them to die in the name of Jesus as I have my hand over towards them. The big one looks like it's being squished or imploding. I'm not sure if it's dying, so I do it again.
It seems I'm a man or watching a man. I see Jesus standing in front of me wearing a white robe and He had shoulder length brown hair. I don't remember His face. He knelt down onto one knee next to what looked like a drainage ditch full of water. The water was (Jesus said) "poisonous" or toxic but you couldn't tell by looking. Jesus took a table spoon full of leveled salt (and did something else to the water that I don't understand) and poured it into the water and He stretched out his hand over the water and commanded it to be healed (I don't remember the exact word He used).

Part of the dream had a map of South Africa and me going to go there with some missionaries, but my leg was itchy at the moment (irl I got attacked by sand gnats). Very not realistic.

Not clear or understandable part of the dream. Sneaking? around my ex-bosses restaurant kitchen Turns into animals turning into old wooden boats. Sailing in a sea?

Now I'm standing next to what seemed like a wheel barrow full of dirt and earth worms. I see the earth worms and I start picking them out of the dirt to put them on the ground (which was dirt). I saw a nice super long regular looking worm and grab it while in the background someone exclaimed how long it was. I had a hand full of worms and as I was putting them onto the ground I noticed that there was another kind of earth worm. This kind of earth worm was a blue and violet colors, very thick, very strong. I didn't have a problem setting the normal earthworms down, it was the giant bluish ones, they wrapped themselves around my fingers and wrist and I had to pry them off. Someone said they were from Europe. I knelt down and was looking at the dirt ground and saw the worms were sticking their mouth end out of the dirt and there was like a little garden of worm mouths just barely sticking out
I touched some of them. It sort of reminded me of that game where you bonk the gofers on the head. laugh
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