3 part. Bee & commercial plane.

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3 part. Bee & commercial plane.

Post by christi85 on Tue Apr 12, 2011 5:16 pm

I feel like I was waiting to go somewhere. A bee came and landed around my knee and this guy, who looked like someone I knew from HS, smacked it. I was mad at him because I knew it would just fly away or something, that it wasn't harmful. I was afraid that when he smacked it that it would sting me. He took the bee carcass and placed it on my upper lip to where it fell in my mouth. The whole time he was talking about "this is how it done.." when the bee guts fell in my mouth I was mad at him and scolded him and so did this woman who was near by.
I was staring at the roots of a tree. within the roots there were a few bee's no more than 3 or 4. It was golden bright because of the honey. One of the bee's stood out to me. It was in the center and I saw it dripping honey. I wondered why they were inside this tree instead of being in the hive at my neighbors house. (who actually keeps bee's in real life). I wondered if maybe they were hornets, though I knew they weren't hornets. I thought I might get stung looking at them but for some reason I had peace about it. I then put down this clear plastic lid to cover the tree trunk, near the roots, where the bees were. So that people could look at the bee without being afraid of the bee flying out and stinging them by accident.
I am on a big commercial plane. I think we are landing, but maybe we are about to take off? The stewardess makes some joke about peanuts, and for some reason this peanut joke stands out to me as though it were so real. Something like "whoever eats peanuts, more peanuts" or something. There is a dark patch of clouds hanging over the airport terminal. The stewardess says we don't have to worry because the pilot is really good.
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