Backing out on marriage...

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Backing out on marriage...

Post by shannondove1971 on Tue Apr 12, 2011 1:59 pm

I am hoping for some discerning people to help with some dreams I have had concerning marriage. I am 40 years old and have been waiting for God's promise to me 20 years ago. Lately, I have been having dreams concerning this that I have never had before.

In my first dream, I was several days away from marrying my fiance. It looked like we were in San Fransisco by the way my hotel looked. I have never been there but will be going at the end of April for a getaway. The hotel was exquisite and I could tell my fiance had money. I even had an assistant assigned to me to help with pre-wedding details. In my dream, I decided I could not marry this man because he wasn't the man God had promised. I told my bridesmaids of my decision and was going to sent the assistant to return my ring. My bridesmaids told me to keep the ring as it was 3 karats and worth $30,000. I don't know where these figures came from, but I told them that I had to make a clean break and would not keep the ring. Following that dream, I dreamt that it was the night of my rehearsal dinner I pulled my fiance aside and told him I couldn't marry him because I hardly knew him. The dinner was at a bar. I don't know if that is important or not. In the third dream it was the day of my wedding. I had my gown on and everyone was already seated. I was in the bridal suite alone and I was looking at myself in the mirror. I felt a sense of terrible disappointment and dread. As I was looking into the mirror I thought, "Isn't this what you've always wanted? The gown, the people, etc? I answered my own thoughts and said, "Yes, but it is not who I wanted." I cancelled the wedding. It was almost as if Satan was asking me these questions, but it came across as myself asking.

In my last dream, I dreamt that there was a man who came to me and presented me with three choices for a husband. My dream was all in gray scale, which is unusual for me because I always dream in color. I was standing over a map of the U.S., which was also grayed out and there were no state boundaries although I knew I was standing over Texas, which is where I live. Two choices he presented were standing shoulder to shoulder and did not really have the natural shape of a man. They were more like the symbol of a man on the door of a restroom and they were standing in California. There was nothing special about them. I knew they were not bad choices, but they were just not what God has promised me. I saw a man standing in the Northwest part of the U.S. like Portland or Seattle. This man did have a natural shape of a man but I couldn't make out any details of him as he was in gray scale also. I instantly knew he was a man of great integrity. he was very well respected in the business and Christian communities. I had instant respect for him and I told the man that I wanted "that one" and I pointed to him. He said he had to go ask him if he has chosen me. he came back and said that he indeed chose me but told me one condition of marrying him. He said the need is urgent for him to have a helpmate and that there would be no time for a wedding. I thought about my dreams of a wedding where I would declare God's faithfulness to fulfill His promises, but reasoned that this could be done at a later time. I was willing to marry quickly and help him in his ministry. Once I said I was willing, the man got excited and pulled down a map of the US, this time in color as a normal map would be. He showed me three red dots and said this is where he wants to take you. There was a dot in Oregon and a dot in Washington and then one in the Pacific Ocean. When the man showed me the two dots on land he was excited, but I felt he was rebuked by my husband to be because he didn't want me to get the idea that these were leisure trips. I somehow knew that the trip in the ocean would be long and by boat. The other two were shorter and not as intense. Some of the details of this dream are confirmations of what God has shown me, such as him needing me to help in ministry. I believe that maybe I will have a quick courtship and may have two short periods of prepartaion which was represented by the two dots on land. I was wondering if anyone else has any insight?

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