Four Dreams 4/12/11

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Four Dreams 4/12/11

Post by ellycat316 on Tue Apr 12, 2011 3:57 am

Dream #1: I was the back part of my house & I could hear gunshots ring through the neighborhood. On a TV screen I could see two cars arrive at the house across the street, and one man from each car getting out to go into that house to check on the residents (could have been the sons).

Dream #2: I was in bed and a woman came to visit and I got up and went into the Living Room with her.

Dream #3: I was right up into a manís face and saying to him ďAre you trying to kill meĒ? He seemed very tense. There were potato chips in front of him, and I began to eat them.

Dream#4: I think I was eating the chips, and looking out my big picture window, and it was as though I was in the clouds for all I could see was the sky & the clouds, and it looked so unusual. I could see and hear an American Airline plane flying at eye level very close to my window. I mean, VERY close. The airplane never left, it just kept flying before me.

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