Dream of getting paid wages

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Dream of getting paid wages

Post by ladymay on Sun Apr 10, 2011 5:04 pm

Hi Everyone,

I had the same dream a number of times. I was working in a room with other
employee's (don't know what work I was doing) I had been there for two years.
Problem was I wasn't being paid. I spoke to the manager and other people in charge
about not getting paid but nothing was ever done. In one dream I had a plan to
follow the employee's when they went to get their paycheck and then ask where
mine was. LOL.. Never happened. Last night I dreamed I spoke to a supervisor
or manager not sure what rank he was, I told him that I would quit if I didn't get paid.
He agreed to pay me and gave me a bunch of silver coins and I remember thinking at
last I got paid. Then I was wondering how much and are these coins all I recieved so
I started looking for the paper money and found a big roll of it in one of my pockets.
That was the end of my dream. Can anyone help me with the meaning. I'm not
employed I'm retired. But I spend a lot of time taking care of my invalid cat.

I'm new here so I hope I'm doing this right. God bless everyone.

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Re: Dream of getting paid wages

Post by Cholette on Tue Apr 12, 2011 1:56 pm

This is not an interpretation Ladymay, but what comes to mind is that this could be a dream reflecting a "matter of the heart". What I mean by that is, since this isn't the first time you dreamed of something like this, maybe there is something going on in your life where you don't feel compensated for. There are people around you that seem to be getting "paid", but you are doing what they are doing and you don't see the "payout"...could be spiritually (?)

The money that you found in your pocket could be God saying to you that HE will supply your need supernaturally. The paper money showed up in your pocket without you knowing it...that's how God provides for his children.

These are just my thoughts. If it doesn't confirm what's in your heart, toss it.

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