Bees and snakes on the same night!

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Bees and snakes on the same night!

Post by opal777 on Sun Apr 10, 2011 7:09 am

Maybe you can help me with something here: I had 3 vivid dreams last night that I know mean something. I think that I know what they mean, but am trying to keep it Godly.

The first dream was about being in my kitchen where I observed some excess food laying there....a sweet waste...not a lot...but it was there (which bugged me because I keep a clean kitchen and I couldn't figure out how the waste got there) and there were two honey bees buzzing about it, eating it. I decided to let them eat because maybe they were hungry. As I dreamed this dream, while still asleep and still within the dream, I knew that I needed to remember the dream because I knew that it meant something.

The second dream was about the first dream. I dreamed that I woke up and remembered the first dream and needed to interpret it. (I wasn't awake....still dreaming) I then went back into the kitchen to where I had seen the honey bees in the first dream and there was nothing there and the kitchen was clean and in good order. I felt relieved. But, I heard buzzing. I looked up to see lots of honey bees in my kitchen and when I went to both the food pantry and near the refrigerator, they were building honey combs....I didn't see hives....but I did see the honey combs and thought, "How sweet they smell." I wanted to eat some of the honey but knew that they weren't done building the combs. I wasn't hungry....but it smelled so good! Then the part of me that was observing the dream thought.....I shouldn't have bees or honey combs in the kitchen, I need to get a bee keeper to come in and remove them because they should be outside and not in the kitchen. But there was never any fear of the bees. I felt confident.

The third dream was of me in a side yard that I don't have. I was using the top of a rake upside down poking holes into the dirt of my flower garden to aerate the soil. Suddenly, some of the soil gave way and a snake poked his head out of the dirt and I backed off. At first it was a pretty snake. Then it started crawling out of the was beautiful. It was spotted with many pretty pastel colors...mostly peach and coral with light blue and soft greens...not a normal looking snake...nothing that I had ever seen in even a book. I was backing off though because I was leery about it. I didn't trust it. Suddenly, as through a camera lens, I saw a close up of its had tons of tentacles projecting from its mouth that most people could not see with the naked eye. Now this will sound silly, but I still had the rake and starting trying to hit it with the stick end to stun it. It worked but not for long. I then had a nylon shower scrubber (the kind that has a rope on it so that you can hang it in the shower when you are not using it to clean was multicolored) that was on the end of the stick and I started shoving it in its mouth...but because of all of the tentacles that I knew were there, it wouldn't go in. But, I still kept at it until somehow the shower scrubber came undone and went over the head of the snake. It thrashed about because it was trying to get it off....kind of like a cat with a bucket stuck on its head...that was the thought that entered my mind and I was amused by the scene. It was kind of cute. But, then I remembered how serious this was and regained my composure. I then had a heavy metal meat mallet in my hand.....and the handle was the normal size....which was much shorter than I liked. I hesitantly got closer to the snake and tried to decide if I should kill it or not. I wasn't sure if I should. I had a sense of guilt if I killed a living creature. It had the covering over its head and seemed to be trying to make its way back to the hole or another hole in the ground. Something inside of me decided that I needed to attack it and I took that mallet and at first used the flat side of the metal mallet to smack it in the head. It lay there stunned at first. I saw some movement in the body that was still in the hole....and I realized that it had grown and was showing about 6 yards of its length outside of the I used the mallet and started hitting the head with the sharp side over and over and didn't bleed, but retreated to another hole. Sometimes the body was about 6 inches in diameter as it retreated and sometimes it was only about 2 inches in diameter....but I kept attacking it....and then something else must have distracted me because it was still going into the second hole.....and that is all that I can remember. I did feel a temporary sense of peace.....but I knew that it wasn't over yet. I woke up. I didn't feel fear at all.....more of a tense sense of relief and a sense of guarding myself. I didn't want it to get the best of me. I knew that I had to protect myself and my property. I remember thinking as I swung at it.....God doesn't like you......I don't like are pretty....but I don't trust you!

That is all that I remember. I have an idea about the bees in the kitchen.....but I am not sure about this snake. I know that most think of snakes as being demonic...but I am not sure about this one....however a part of me feels that it is a prophetic dream about the anti christ who is lurking the earth today. I know that part....but there is a deeper part to this dream.

About two years ago, I had a dream about three tidal waves that were going to hit the shore....we have had two so far. Each was bigger than the prior. I then saw 3 tornadoes attacking our gardens (on the earth) and then I heard people screaming as the ground was breaking apart underneath them with tornadoes inside of the break of the earth...cyclones within the ground pulling downwards....and they were crying out to God to help them and for some reason, He didn't seem to notice them...and they were pulled deep into the earth. Well, when I had that snake dream, I felt some correlation of the holes from that snake to the cyclone holes in the previous dream. And I remember the people were remarking that these cyclone holes that were opening up in the earth (from the dream 2 years ago) were naming these holes ground grubbers. In the dream, I remember thinking....they should be called ground grabbers.....but they weren't and I wondered if I had misheard the ground grubber name....but decided that this was a vision from God and that if they were called ground grubbers in this vision...there must be a reason and left it at that. Still, when I woke up, my mind kept trying to correct the name...but something within me still said...grubber...not grabber.

Can you help me to understand what this really means?! I am going to pray about it to see if God can provide the meaning aside from what I think that it means. Thanks if you can help. If not, that is okay too. I just know that it means something deeper than I am interpreting myself. But, He usually reveals these things to me throughout the week. Then I am left with knowledge that I don't know what to do with! LOL. We will see though!

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