Walking in Snow Barefoot in a Bathrobe Dream - Help

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Walking in Snow Barefoot in a Bathrobe Dream - Help

Post by lovingwell4him on Sat Apr 09, 2011 10:29 am

Hi everyone, I am new here, so please bear with me and my lack of understanding about how all this works. I have been following my dreams for a few months, but I have viewed this site off and on for about three years and finally joined last week.
In 2006, at a pivotal time in my life, I received the gift of the Holy Spirit. I immediately began thirsting to learn more about Jesus and thankfully, I had the luxury of almost 3 years to spend time in His word, meditating and getting to know Him. I worked from home building up what I believed God was showing me I was created for as He brought it to me, but I was mostly focused on my personal relationship, so I did not do anything to earn an income. During the past few years, I became a certified Christian life coach, equipped for speaking and am currently editing my first book and began a ministry for women.
The things is, all of my "income producers" are in the beginning stages. I know that God will provide for me, that is not my focus. My focus is this, I have been trusting God 100% in my life for the almost five years. The financial resources He provided are dwindling and I do want to lose the opportunity to follow my heart. I own a home, which I am willing to sell, and this will free up resources, but due to not working for the past five years (and before that) I have no verifiable income for a place to live. I know God can do anything He wants to. I believe HIm!
I do not interpret dreams, but I do have them. ;) I feel it is time for something, but I'm not sure whether to sell or stay. I asked God to make it evident to me, and told Him I did not know what to do and He had to make financial provision if He wants me to continue living here and continue what I believe I am created to do. I knew I could not do anything without Him to show me what He wants me to do. SO . . . . I had a dream that night and this is it:

It started off where I was receiving a gift from my mom for my birthday. She handed me a pair of large (about 4 ktw) diamond earrings and in my mind I knew she had received them from my aunt. Even though I knew what they were, I didn't handle them like they were something precious, I took the post of one and put it between my two front teeth to clean there. I dropped the other earring on the floor and it rolled under a table. I bent over to find it, but it was dark and I was not so concerned about it.
Next Scene
I was sitting at a play in a theater watching a group of young children. I was with a male partner, but never saw him. I was very comfortable and safe feeling.
Next Scene
I was standing in a garage of a house I lived in more than 20 years ago and someone walked up the driveway. I said to the other party with me in garage (unsure of gender), "sell it, just sell it for $249,000"
Next Scene
I was in the middle of a road with my youngest daughter (24 yrs) and we were each in our bathrobes. There was snow on the ground and street and we were running (like in slow motion) bare foot. The snow was not cold. My daughter talked about her foot stinging from stepping on something. Even though we were walking/running, it was like I was driving a car, I said we needed to turn around because I passed an older vacant house I wanted to get another look at. As we "pulled" in to turn around, I looked down in the driveway and there were some nails, sticking point up, in the snow and some sticking down. I told my daughter to be careful. We turned around and started walking back up the road and I heard a car coming from behind. We moved into a driveway on the right side of the road to clear the way for the car. After the car passed, we crossed the road and it was like we were in a little town. There was a man standing at the corner just before the house I wanted to look at. He was working on something (mechanical or auto) not sure.

While walking through the snow I felt childlike. There were no worries, it was fun and when I awakened and realized I did not feel the snow it was really interesting to me. It may not mean anything, but I thought it may have some symbols that could indicate something. I appreciate any input or thoughts you have about this. Thanks!

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