Trying to rescue my friends dog.

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Trying to rescue my friends dog.

Post by steadygaze on Fri Apr 08, 2011 7:58 am

Hello and Blessings.


My friends just moved into a house by a river and the river is down below in the backyard. The river had junk in it and it was just nasty it was like a garbage dump. I either moved in or was just there a lot. (This friend IRL is like a mom to me and has been for years now.) She has three dogs, just like in IRL. Well she has one dog IRL who is always sick lately and is kind of like the problem dog but is my friends favorite dog out of the three dogs. Well this same dog in the dream runs away and I am deeply concerned for this dog and I knew it would break my friends heart if she could not find her. What is interesting is my friend would not go and search for her favorite dog, I asked my friend shouldn't we go try and find her? My friend says, " No Indigo does not like water so she wont go near the river she will find her way home." I seemed more concerned for the dog then my friend was so I go down below to search for the dog by the yucky river. I look all around at the trash looking for the dog and here comes the dog Indigo and all of a sudden the dog slips into the yucky river, and I am trying to save her from drowning as she is fighting the water and finally I get a hold of the dog and pull her out of the water. Then all of a sudden the dog gets loose from me and takes off and I am thinking she went back in the water it was if the dog was not afraid of the water or something anymore. I go back up the hill with no dog and I am just broken over the loss of not bringing this dog home. My friend Marie keeps saying she her dog will find her way home. I am always looking outside praying this dog will come home. Well for what ever reason the Governor comes over to talk to my friend and her husband and I was in a room with someone else that was like a brother. I thought to myself why are they not out looking for their dog and instead meeting with a Governor? The next thing I know my friend and I are outside laying in the sun and all of a sudden I see three dogs and I am like Marie look Indigo came come and she goes no that is the neighbor dog and when I looked she was right it was the neighbor dog and I was disappointed.

Interesting dream. What seems interesting is this dream seems real literal.
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