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Post by Susand on Thu Apr 07, 2011 11:51 am

I am new to this forum, so I hope I am doing this right. I keep having a dream with a reoccuring theme. My 3 year old daughter keeps wandering off. SHould I just tell you the last dream I had (last night)? My mom, grandma and I are at an apartment complex or something similar. We are taking a tour of the place. We stop by the "community room" or club house, tour the swimming pool and all along my daughter is walking along with us. I get ahead of my mom and grandma to look at a playground area and my mom and grandma walk up. I ask where Anna is and my mom says "sh*t! (sorry bout the word but it was there and it sounded exactly like what my mom says) She was just right here with me!" My mom and grandma turn around to back track and my husband comes walking up to me. I said, "David! Anna is missing. I am with mom and grandma and it happened just like in my dreams! I told you this was going to happen. I am with mom and grandma and it happened!" So we walk toward the playground and look around and ask around. THere is a girl on a balcony just in front of us. She speaks to us but can barely talk as if she has lost her voice. She said, "She is back at the pool. She is in the last building on the right in the upper most room on the end." I run back to that area, don't remember climbing any stairs, etc, but get to the room and she is there. I grab her and hold her and cry hysterically. I then woke up. The theme of this dream has happened at least 2 other times that I can remember and they have happened spaced apart. The last one I had was in February, close to the 21st. The dreams always have myself, my mom and grandma in them and Anna is with us and we are always out doing something like shopping and I always go somewhere (close by) to do something like try on clothes or talk to someone and my mom and grandma are always the ones watching anna. But my grandma is never a participant in the dream other than being there. Please help. I am really having a hard time with this one. I have been asking God to help me and I have some fears/ideas but don't trust them. I think they are feeling based. I will say I had some dreams many years ago about my other daughter (now 14) falling into water and it happened. Thanks so much, Susan B..
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