Different kind of suspect

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Different kind of suspect

Post by veroalij on Wed Apr 06, 2011 7:57 am

I was walking down my street it was night time, about two houses down from mine when I saw a fire in my neighbors backyard. ( she has a huge field behind her house) and me and another guy that I was walking with started yelling "fire". I ran up to their house and hit on the window because I thought the fire was in one of the rooms where her little daughter was sleeping, but it was just reflecting off of the window pane, and her oldest daughter was actually sleeping, she started to wake up when her mother came around from the side of the house and said "thank God the fire is only outside" she had a tazer in her hand because I guess she knew someone was in the house. when I looked through the front window I could see a boy that we all know ( who is not a good person) walking through her living room. She stood by the door as if she was ready to taze the first person to walk out of the house, and I saw the guy and he lifted up a gun and I started to run away and he fired a shot and it went through a side window and I dived into the grass unhurt.
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