Very strange dream please help

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Very strange dream please help

Post by Destine on Tue Apr 05, 2011 1:55 pm

OK, this dream happened last Monday but I was busy so I was unable to post this right away. I'm at this modeling function with my dad, me and my friend get picked to do a modeling gig and we're all excited about being chosen so were hugging each other and thanking God for blessing us in such a wonderful way. I end up in sea world doing a dance performance will my ballet class during the Christmas holiday; The dance really blesses the crowd. After I dance, I find myself at church

(my old church, I am at a new one currently) and it's still Christmas time, my old Sr. pastor is welcoming all the members from the pulpit, than he formally says "it's so nice to see you all (he says my family's last name)" and we smile. After he does this, he says "Now lets welcome our Sr. Pastor" which I'm completely shocked by, So a man walks up to the pulpit, but I cannot see who it is! The service ends, and I ask my parents if I can go into a store to get something.

I'm in the store with one of my dear friends and were looking for something, we take a long time so I get this weird phone call from my grand-dad saying me and my friend need to get out of there. So we do, and my friend rides with me and my family to our vacation house, and our house is covered in Christmas lights, everything is twinkling and than I hear my mom say "Everybody get out!", I don't know what happened but something bad did occur.

I heard my mom talking and she had a similar dream where me and my sister were helping her with Christmas decor and the front lawn catches on fire.
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