a room that I have only seen in my dreams

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a room that I have only seen in my dreams

Post by Allsmiles on Sat Apr 02, 2011 4:05 pm

I dreamed of a huge ware house room (I saw it looking down from the top corner.) I remember saying to some people that I was with, (random people) ".. and this is my room." Even though the room was huge it had a warehouse feel.. it looked like a storage room with 4 beds close together. It was very neat and put together. To be honest it looked like a stock room (huge wire shelves neatly full.)

I say I remember seeing it before because my old roommates (best friends) had a fun pillow fight there. I didn't remember that I had see it before but I am positive that about 3 years ago I told my friends of the dream and we all laughed about the pillow fight.

what is there significance in dreaming about the dream recurring.. and happening differently.. boggled.
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