Unborn baby dies pt.2:911 PLEASE READ!!!

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Unborn baby dies pt.2:911 PLEASE READ!!!

Post by Boscoe Jenkins on Thu Nov 06, 2008 6:33 pm

I kept seeing these images they moved kinda quick I could hear women screaming & this man's voice but i did'nt know what he was saying but the vibe that got from him was really negative. The women I heard screaming the man was killing their babies. These women were still pregnant he would cut off their stomach & you could see the babies on the inside & the man started killing the babies one by one & i dont think the women who were pregnant survived. The babies I seen were underdeveloped they were'nt ready to be born yet.. I woke up & I went back to sleep. I was standing next to a woman & we were standing on a corner I never seen her face but she was telling me about this man we were watching & how famous he was. He was getting into a his car when he seen me. He was about my height, with pale skin, & brown curly hair. When he seen me I could hear all these voices coming from him they were so loud that I had to cover my ears but that did'nt help i could hear people talking, women screaming, & babies crying & that negative vibe I got from the images I seen, Was even stronger when I looked at him...

Note: This Dream along with the dream I posted about entitiled Unborn baby dies:911!! PLEASE READ!!! are linked. this dream your reading about I had 3 weeks later after the first one...

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Re: Unborn baby dies pt.2:911 PLEASE READ!!!

Post by Dove-Solutions on Fri Nov 07, 2008 12:58 pm

The pregnant woman are churches and the babies are ministries. He is cutting off the church so the ministry cannot develop. I sense the spirit of the Anti Christ here. Let me read your other dream.

I do not interpret so these are just my thoughts or feelings here.

Love in Christ,


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