My Recently Dead Brother & Metal Ladders with Black Water

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My Recently Dead Brother & Metal Ladders with Black Water

Post by sword&scepter on Thu Mar 31, 2011 2:53 pm

Greetings everyone, I just recently experienced the death of my brother in the last week. I've returned home a couple of days ago and last night and this morning had some strange dreams. My first was about me walking up the street downtown in my hometown. The street is also part bridge so as I walked I looked to my left and there was a metal ladder about 70-80 feet high and there was an elderly couple trying to get to the top and get off.

I was afraid for them so I stuck out my hand for the husband but still it was a 3 or 4 ft gap in getting them to hold & jump onto the street so the man let go. There was a tour group that they were with that were trying to coax them over. The wife became disoriented and I thought was going to fall. I am not sure if they made it over but I know they did not fall. I then looked over to my right accross the street and noticed that a river had risen from about 70-80 feet below and the water was black and had a strong current, it wasn't dirty but just black and it began to rain really hard ontop of the water..sort of like a silver rain. It looked kind of nice but strange.

The dream then ended.. I woke up and thought for awhile then fell asleep again and had a dream of a smaller ladder but at my aunts home it was just standing up against the dining room wall while there were some other family members there.
I took a look over at the ladder and then turned back and it was a younger version of my brother he was probably between 17-19 and wearing an outfit he owned back then which were a red haiwain shirt with blue print and some blueish grey pants.

He was just standing there I turned to tell my aunt that I thought that ladder was my brother then I pointed and said he was standing right there...when she looked away he appeard again only for a few seconds then was gone.. I woke up from there.

Can anyone help me make sense outta this? I included both dreams because of the silver colored metal ladders..One really tall about 70-80 ft and one really short about 6FT.

I will greatly appreciate your honest response.


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