Word from a blind man REPOST

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Word from a blind man REPOST

Post by Sirianta on Thu Mar 31, 2011 6:43 am

Hey guys, I've posted this dream, but what struck me today is that my little girl was at my work today 'cause I took her to the dentist and she spent the rest of the day with me at work and she was playing with post it notes. Then I remembered this dream and about a month back my little boy was also with me at work 'cause he was sick and my co-worker took my little boy and made copies of his hands on the copy machine. If you look at the dream you'll see the resemblance. Could this mean that this dream is near manifistation?

I dreamt that my work colleagues (not people I know or whom I'm working with currently) had to watch my little boy for a few hours while I was doing something.(Funny, 'cause I would never do this in real life). The next day when I came into the office I smiled 'cause I found a little post it notes which was purple in colour and my son's little hand print was imprinted on this post it notes. It wasn't like with paint or pen or something like that - it was like it was physically imprinted on about 3 post it notes, like when you make a hand print or foot print in cement or clay. The first one was very clear, the next a little less and the last one a little less.

I went outside to the parking lot and opened the boot of my car to get out something. Behind me was 3 ladies talking and from my left side a young man came walking towards us. He stood still and when I looked at him I saw that he had scarrs under his eyes. I got the impression that he was blind and two men had to support him on both sides. I really liked this young man, there was just something about him that was special. He started by saying "Household, household, household" and I knew he was about to give me Word from God. (I've been praying for my husband for many years now to be saved). He looked at me and smiled and said my name out load.

He started saying something like "God says because you are doing things the right way " the rest I couldn't make out for some reason - how frustrating! Then he said "Word of knowledge and prophecy". I saw these two gifts on a light blue piece of paper (The paper wasn't physically there. In my dream I saw it like a vision while the man was saying it). Then I woke up because our dogs went mad outside for some reason! I couldn't believe it, because I know this dream wasn't finished. Maybe that was all I needed to know.

It feels like there is a lot of symbolism in this dream. The purple sitck it notes the light blue paper. The fact that he said House hold 3 times, 3 woman, 3 men, 3 post it notes. And why was the man who gave me Word blind and what does "HOUSEHOLD" represent? When I think of the blind man the scripture "we walk by faith, not by sight" comes to mind.

Love in Christ

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