Son injured ... 3rd time I've dreamt it

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Son injured ... 3rd time I've dreamt it

Post by tabitha on Tue Mar 29, 2011 7:33 pm

This dream has occurred 3 times over the past week with the last time being Saturday night. I did not remember the dream the first two times. Upon waking Sunday mornning I new that it was the third time. The dream itself visually is fuzzy. It wasn't black and white but colors did not seem to make an impact. I couldn't seem to see clearly but I felt as if I were in my parent in laws garage for some sort of family get together (irl this is where we gather for family functions). The women (specifically I think my mother in law and one of my sister in laws - I'm not sure because again everything seemed fuzzy) were telling me that I needed to get medical attention for my oldest son. They tell me he's going to need stitches and keep pressuring (?) me on what I need to do. Now suddenly I'm outside the garage standing in the driveway when someone ( I want to say my father in law but again I'm not sure) walks my son over to me. He's standing in front of me to my left. I see on the right side of his forehead the is a vertical cut. It is not bleeding and although if would have been in need of stitches irl in the dream it was not a big deal - he was fine and didn't need to go to the doctor/emergency room. I think to myself "he's fine why are they overreacting" ... I think I told them this because they keep insisting I "need" to get him helped. They never leave the garage they just keep telling me and I just stood in the driveway knowing he was fine and looking at him wondering why they didn't trust my intuition. It's as if they doubted my motherly knowledge of my son.

When I woke I did not feel any fear for my son but their insistence and not trusting me stuck with me. I've been mulling over it for the past few days and just a couple hours ago God impressed on my heart that the dream has to do with discernment. Possibly that my in laws aren't going to readily accept the steps I've been asking God to help me take to heal a wound on that side of the family. I'm looking for some help interpreting other aspects of the dream such as my son always stood to my left ... and the cut on his head wasn't needing immediate attention even though it looked wide enough for stitches. Or the fact I dreamt it three times in a week. If anything else stand out to someone please share! Thank you - tabi
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