Casting Out a Demon ... Looking for confirmation of the meaning ...

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Casting Out a Demon ... Looking for confirmation of the meaning ...

Post by tabitha on Mon Mar 28, 2011 9:36 am

[i]hello everyone! new here ... i had this dream just over a week ago and i'm fairly confident that God has revealed the meaning to me i'm looking for confirmation so hopefully i get it!

my dream:
i dont know whose house i was in but it was familiar to me even though i didnt recognize it. there was a "man" there - he was demon/satan possessed. to look at him you couldnt tell but i knew although i didnt notice him until someone (?) told me to (i think they said does he look strange to you? i thought yes he's possessed). i kept thinking to myself that God can take care of this. it was the only way. the man was whispering to me (without his mouth moving??) trying to convince me of something but i just kept thinking the same thing over and over (3 times i think). he moved behind me as he tried to convince me. once he saw that it wasnt working he got mad ... very mad and he came back around and faced me - his eyes changed to pitch black and he was going to yell at me but i asked God (i could feel him to my right) this final time (4th time) to take care of it and He did. as soon as i started to ask the "man" disappeared and the demon(?) hovered against the wall (a beige wall i remember) by a window. this part is weird: he took the shape of a wreath of flowers (exactly like the one i have on my front door) ... i couldnt actually see the wreath i just knew that's what he turned into. as soon as i asked God the window flew open and the demon went out the window (returning to a dark shapeless form) and flew up and out into a big barn that was behind the house i was in. when i saw that happen i thought it strange because i expected it to disappear. i turned to one of my (real life) friends that was there (she had seen the entire thing) and we talked about maybe it really had gone far away and only looked like it went in the barn because of how high it sat on the hill. i did keep thinking that we would need to burn the barn down to get rid of the demon (my friend was glad it wasnt her barn) . somehow i knew that it wasnt the end of dealing with it but right then wasnt the time to expel it from the barn. he was trapped there and could no longer enter the house. during this whole thing my mother in law was there too although i never saw her ... i only felt her presence in the room. i did not tell her or my friend that i knew for sure the demon was in the barn ... i didnt want them to worry about it until the time came to do something. i just knew that God had a reason for keeping the demon there instead of banishing him but the house itself was safe again. oh and when the demon went out the window and i closed it the wind stopped. the whole time he was in the house the wind had been raging and howling and i hadnt noticed the noise until it was gone. i was calm through the entire ordeal never wavering my faith ... i do think i felt slightly apprehensive about having to deal with the demon again later but God was there reassuring me and saying not yet. now that i think about it i remember feeling as though i needed different people with me then and thats why i wasnt to finish yet. once i was reassured i took one last look at the barn and turned away from the window. when i woke up this verse stuck with me: Philippians 4:13 - I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

hope that made sense! i would love to know what anyone thinks. tabi
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