disturbing about spys

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disturbing about spys

Post by Delightful soul on Sun Mar 27, 2011 9:27 pm

Hi all,

Had a dream last night where I was on a bus being chased by spys in this bustling city. I was with the driver who was a young man and he and I were trying to keep people off the bus. But thing is, people kept getting on. After a while, I noticed these people were very needy and thought to myself "these people need to be on here as they are in need of protection." Alot of the people were homeless, sick and dysfunctional and a lady appeared as we stopped the bus from near a church like building and I knew she was evil and trying to get the bus to stop. So I told the bus driver boy to keep driving but it was hard as we were in peak traffic.

Then as I was standing in the bus (most of the time i was standing) i turned around to look at all the people in the bus, (the bus was full) and I glared at a man in the back of the bus, I knew he was a spy and so I told him I knew and told him to get off........

then I awoke........

what a strange dream rofl nerd nerd what
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