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Post by dreamer2011 on Fri Mar 25, 2011 11:43 am

I just want to say my dreams last six months or so have been corny but, I guess
worth bringing to attention. I always seem to dream about others all though I
am somehow present. I have had dreams reoccurring about old 80s tv sitcoms and
shows and their actor/actreeses. I dreamed of full house tv show about different
senerios of the cast. I once was in a dream with one of the olsen twins (now in the
present) and she was carrying my child and in love with me. I just had a corny dream about being on the set with kirk cameron at his old growing pains set. I could see the other cast members haging around looking the way they would at that time period.
The set however, was props and backdrops tunnlelike in shape to be used in a childrens popular show called blues clues. Note: Blues clues will not exist for another 10 years from the time period I am at. But, here you have kirk excited about the
props and there designs. He reads his script and wants to do this episode eagerly.
Inwhich I come to the knowledge of is that this the lost episode of Growing Pains
that never aired. And here I am observing the whole thing before my eyes. Kirk
is wearing the famous shirt that only steve would wear in the show. Now ironically
the real steve from the show shows up without his shirt because he is going to guest
star. He is aged to what he might be today. I assuming he would be in his early thirties
today. Yet kirk is young. The dream ended with steve frustrated for not being without
his shirt. Are there some dreams that just do not mean anything? I know it seems corny but so real when I dream it.

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Post by Daisy on Fri Mar 25, 2011 5:29 pm

Is there anything in your life that happened back in that time frame...the 80's... that maybe connects somehow symbolicly to this dream...something that maybe is similar or could corrilate?? If so, does this somehow effect or connect in your life presently??? For instance, steve being frustrated about not having his shirt...could you relate to those feelings either back then or today presently??? Wanting something back that belonged to you??? These are just my thoughts...I am not an interpreter by any means...just a fellow member and very new to the site myself. Please pray on this and if it doesn't fit please throw these ideas out.

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