dream of various things needs interpreting

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dream of various things needs interpreting

Post by iwaldoda on Thu Nov 06, 2008 2:08 am

I had dream tonight. I was shopping in the mall for something special (a birthday or Christmas) and my husband was with me. (jcpenneys) We were looking a jewelry and this man (a presbyter in our church and very good Bible teacher) was there and had on a gold bracelet with lion's head and two diamonds for eyes. He let me try it on for size reference so I knew what size bracelet I would wear. (we are not the same size but in my dream his size meant my size) The size was 7. He said you can have it if you want and I said no I don't want to take yours.

Then he says, here are some nightgowns, I like yellow. His wife had a yellow one. His wife made the nightgowns and had a display in the mall (I got impression). I thought, no I like purple, but could have some yellow in it. There were so many colors to choose from. They were old timey nightgowns made of polyester. They had a gathering of white ruffles down the front chest area and this is where I saw some yellow. Otherwise the nightgown was dark purple.

Then I saw a pictures framed of people. A young boy, a grandmother and the third one would be me. It had something to do with something happening on the internet but I am unclear. And the picture frame was suppose to be the third present.

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